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VAVA Ultrasonic Diffuser, One-Button Touch Control, Sleek Vase Design, Hollowed Out Patterns, 7 Colors, 7 Hour Work Time

Price: $26.99
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  • Midcentury Patterned Vase Design: Add a modernized vintage touch and complement your décor with taste and fragrance
  • 7 Hours of Sweet Mist: Provide nightlong fragrance on a single fill with 210 ml / 7.25 oz of water
  • Rainbow Light Carousel: Alternate 7 pleasant colors with a breathing effect for a soothing vibe
  • Safe Low Water Protection: Shuts off automatically when water is low to prevent fire hazards
  • Straightforward Touch Button: Tap to manage the misting and lighting for enhanced convenience

Midcentury Patterned Vase Design
VAVA Aroma Diffuser does more than freshening the air, it also accentuates the décor of your room. The hollowed-out patterns add a vintage style to your modern home even when the diffuser is shut off.

7 Hours of Sweet Mist
The 210 ml / 7.25 oz water tank provides up to 7 hours of cool mist, the equivalent of a night of soundless sleep. Add 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oils to feel the blossoms in the air. And when water runs low, the unit will turn off automatically to prevent fire hazards.

Rainbow Light Carousel
A rainbow of 7 breathing colorful LED lights alternate to put on a light show. Place it anywhere in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or study for a romantic vibe that inspires you day and night.

Straightforward Touch Button
Turn on both the mist and light for the evening, or only mist for the night with a couple of easy touches. Friendly one-button design makes controlling the diffuser take only 3 easy steps. Create your own relaxing ambience with VAVA.

  • Q is the top ceramic? I cant see any details in the description Customers are chatting about this View conversation
    A No, it's all plastic