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VAVA Cordless Oral Irrigator for Whole Family

Price: $39.99
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  • Removes 99% Of All Plaque: Plaque causes tooth decay, gum bleeding, and bad breath; get rid of 99% of plaque with our oral irrigator and enjoy healthier gums and teeth
  • For The Whole Family: The oral irrigator set comes with 3 jet tips – one for mom, dad and you - and a practical and durable travel pouch for impeccable oral hygiene on the go
  • 3 Cleanning Modes: Different modes provide different levels of comfort, making our product suitable for all gum types; experience the future of flossing
  • Better Teeth in One Week: Prevent cavities, periodontitis, bad breath and get whiter teeth thanks to precise water flossing technology that cleans and freshens your whole mouth
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Take your whole oral hygiene into the shower with you and make your morning routine super-efficient; brush and floss under the soothing stream of your shower
  • Q how much water does the tank hold? and are tips included for bridge? Customers are chatting about this View conversation
    A Hi, 8 oz is the capacity , only says how to wash the teeth & bridge.