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Sale period from Nov 17 - 26, 2023.

Black Friday Sneak Peek


4K Laser TV

$1,200 OFF

Enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with adjustable 80”-150” Ultra HD Display, ALPD® 3.0, Harman Kardon speakers, and a smart Android TV system.



$1,200 OFF

Ultra short throw projector boasting triple laser technology, ALPD® 4.0, Alexa voice control, and smart Android TV system.


MiniCima 1080P 

$100 OFF

Experience cinematic brilliance anywhere with VAVA MiniCima 1080P. Immerse yourself in HD visuals, advanced laser technology, and built-in speakers.

720P Video Baby Monitor

20% OFF (25% off Color Options)

Keep an eye on your baby, even from across the house. With a large 5” HD display, two-way talk system, and a wireless connection, it’s the next best thing to having them in your arms.
Color options in White, Green, Pink, and Blue.


Baby Monitor with Split Screen

20% OFF

Keep an eye on your kids, even when they’re in multiple rooms. A split screen monitor with simultaneous live visuals, the VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen is perfect for the growing family.

8" 1080P Baby Monitor

10% OFF

Redefine the baby monitoring experience. Keep an eye on your little one effortlessly with the spacious screen and enhanced features.
Splits up to 4 screens with an 8" display and 1080P resolution.

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featured Media Reviews

“With a maximum image size of 150 inches, your films and sports matches can truly go super-size, all while retaining a quality picture.”

— Henry St Leger, TechRadar

“With a fantastic projection of up to 150 inches from a short throw, it’s a great way to uplift your home theater and save space when not in use.”

— WiredShopper

“The Vava Chroma is built to offer an excellent image quality, and thankfully, it succeeds in this.”

— Christian de Looper, BGR

“VAVA’s projector casts a great image without taking up much space. A solid built-in soundbar is a bonus.”

— Tyler Lacoma, Digital Trends



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