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VAVA Baby Night Light

VA-CL009 — VAVA RGB Dimmable Baby Night Light

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Made from 100% toy-grade materials, the VAVA dimmable night light has smooth touch control and emits a soft calming glow. With 8 colors to choose from, it has a rechargeable battery and an energy-saving 1-hour timer.
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This ultra-safe night light is made with food and toygrade materials, offering baby a haptic experiencethey can’t get enough of!

100% safe toygrade materials
100% safe toygrade materials
8 calming lightcolors
8 calming lightcolors
Rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery
Easy & smooth touch control
Easy & smooth touch control
Auto off mode
Auto off mode
Dimmable RGB light
Dimmable RGB light

Effortless Dimming

With convenient touch controls, parents and caregivers can easily switch modes or adjust brightness with a simple tap.

Soft Light for Young Eyes

Activate “sun” mode with the toggle switch for a warm glow. Users can also dim the light to a desired brightness and activate stand-by mode and night light mode with simple taps.

Energy Saving Sleep Mode

Activate energy saving mode all with one touch of a button. After 60 minutes, the light shuts off automatically, ensuring the baby gets a quality night’s rest.

Multifunctional Night Light

Switch between velvety colors, double tap for stand-by mode, change the brightness and so much more.

Playful LED Colors

Warm light and RGB colors mode allows VAVA baby lights to transition between a wide array of warm, calming colors.

Warm Light Mode

Gently touch the top of the night light to dim or increase brightness, tap twice to enter stand-by mode, and hold 1.5 seconds to enter night light mode.

RGB Color Mode

Featuring multiple, easy-to-use functions and modes to operate your night light.

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1 x Baby Light
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