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VAVA 2K Webcam

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Featuring 2K FHD resolution, auto low-light correction, noise-filtering dual mics, and precision autofocus. Easy to install and perfect for conference calls and livestreams — it's almost like you're there in person.
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0% APR Financing
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30-Day Free Return
12-Month Warranty
12-Month Warranty
Video Calls in Full HD Clarity
The VAVA 2K Webcam is perfect for conference calls and livestreams. Operating at 1440p@30fps with a 78° field of view and HD auto light correction, it’s almost like you’re there in person.
USB 2.0 Plug and Play
USB 2.0 Plug and Play
2K FHD Resolution
2K FHD Resolution
Low-Light Correction
Low-Light Correction
Auto-Focus Technology
Auto-Focus Technology
Noise-Filtering Mics
Noise-Filtering Mics
Excellent Compatibility
Excellent Compatibility
2K FHD Resolution
Be the clearest one on the Zoom call with the VAVA 2K Webcam. A CMOS 4MP image sensor creates a crisp image in full HD resolution at 2560 x 1400 @ 30 fps. Motions are seamlessly captured at up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps, providing clear and optimal picture conditions for work, school, or entertainment.
Ambient Light Rejecting Ambient Light Rejecting
Precision Auto Focus
Avoid blurry moments during video calls. With a smart sensor-based auto-focus system and a f/4.4 focal lens length, you’ll always be the clearest thing in frame.
How the ALR Screen Works How the ALR Screen Works
Noise-Filtering Dual Mics
Deliver clear audio quality, even in noisy environments. Our noise-filtering omnidirectional microphones enhance your voice while reducing ambient noise within a 5-meter range, making them perfect for video conferences, classes, and livestreams.
Big Screen Experience Big Screen Experience
Auto Low-Light Correction
Don’t let low-light settings stop you from taking that call. Even in poor lighting conditions, the 2K Webcam’s AI-powered light correction ensures that you are well lit and crystal clear.
Captivating 4K UHD Visuals Captivating 4K UHD Visuals
Excellent Compatibility
The 2K webcam is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS, and most video chat apps. Connect directly to your device via a USB 2.0 port and use with your favorite video chat apps, including Zoom, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and more.
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Plug and Play & 360° Rotation

The USB 2.0 plug and play gets you set up and installed on your laptop, desktop, or TV within seconds. Whether you’re using a digital device or a tripod, you can adjust the 360° rotatable head according to your needs.
Vava image
30-second Installation
Vava image
360 (degree) Rotation
Vava image
Open/Close Cover
Vava image
30-second Installation
Vava image
360 (degree) Rotation
Vava image
Open/Close Cover


Compatible System
Mac Os 10.10 or later, Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10, Android v5.0 or later, Chrome OS
Display Resolution
Max: 5.0 Megapixels (2688x1944)
Video Resolution
2K (2560x1440) 30FPS, 1080P (1920X1080) 60FPS
Video Compression Type
1/2.7” CMOS
4G+1IR f/4.4 F/2.0
4x Zoom
2 Mics (-36dB)
Cable long
USB 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I use the webcam's microphone?-
1. If your computer has a mic, the audio will use the default mic on your PC. Please manually switch to the microphone of the webcam.
2. Try with other apps with video call function.
How do I set the webcam as the primary audio device of my computer? +
1. Select Control Panel --> Audio, then select VAVA VA-VD020 as the default device for playing and recording.
2. Mac OS X: Select System Preference --> Audio, then select VAVA VA-VD020 as the default device for audio input and output.
3. In your app with video call function, check the audio settings and make sure you have enabled VAVA VA-VD020.
Is the webcam usable with smart TV?+
Webcam is only applicable for PCs, but it can be compatible for smart TVs that support UVC protocol.
What if the computer cannot detect the webcam?+
1. Try with other ports on your computer.
2. Make sure the webcam is not connected to USB concentrators or hubs.
3. Try with another computer.
4. Restart your computer and try again.

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