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About Us

About Us
Modern lifestyles need meaningful technology. Our passion is helping everyone live smarter through innovative development, creating high-quality products that you just can’t find elsewhere. This is demonstrated by our designs, from our award winning Security Cameras to our cutting edge 4k Projector.
Our History
Established in 2015, VAVA quickly became an unwavering pioneer in the smart living sector. Our commitment to intuitive, innovative design led to our first Red Dot award in 2016, and we haven’t looked back since.
Our Mission
Our mission is clear: to simplify modern life through exceptional expertise and the highest quality technology. We anticipate and rise to the challenge of future needs, so you can focus on the moments that really matter.
Our Vision
With 5G and the integration of homes with technology becoming a reality, we’re aiming high: a VAVA product helping every family, in every home. Whether our 4K projector is changing how you watch TV or our HomeCam is keeping everyone safe, we want to be at the forefront of interacting with your home in a different way.


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