VAVA Adhesive Refill Pack For Baby Thermometer
Baby Adhesive Refill

VAVA Adhesive Refill Pack For Baby Thermometer

Model: VA-IH008-1
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  • Pack of 10 non-woven adhesives to use with the VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer
  • Medical grade soft adhesive that’s gentle and comfortable for long time wear
  • Non-toxic non-woven adhesives leave no harm to your little one and are eco-friendly
  • Provides strong, lasting holding hold and instant adhesion

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    Detailed Instructions:
    1. Take out one piece of non-woven tape, put the temperature patch through the hole. Rip off the release paper①, then paste it to the back side of the temperature patch.
    2. Rip off the release paper② and paper③, then fix the temperature sensor on the back side of the non-woven tape.
    3. Paste the fixed temperature sensor to the armpit, and lightly press to make sure it is successfully attached to the skin. 

    1. It’s recommended to replace at least every 24 hours.
    2. Keep dry and out of direct sunlight.
    3. Wipe and dry the armpit before use.
    4. If allergic reaction occurs, stop using and seek medical attention immediately in severe cases.


    Material Used: Non-woven tape for medical use
    Dimensions: 84 x 32mm
    Quantity: 10 pcs




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